Central Heating


Central Heating


Is your heating system temperamental?
Are you looking for a new boiler or central heating system?

If so, we are here to help.

ProLine Plumbing can help if your boiler breaks down. If you think your boiler may need replacing, we can advise you and help install a new, efficient boiler. If you are undergoing property refurbishment and require a new heating system, we are happy to help you explore the options available to you. If you are having problems with your boiler, we do offer boiler repair services but we will be open and honest if we do not feel it is economically viable for you to repair your current boiler and heating system.

The best central heating system for you

After we understand and have assessed your needs, we will be able to advise you on what boiler and heating system is best suited to your individual needs and requirements. If you are changing from a conventional boiler to a newer, high efficiency, condensing boiler then you could potentially use up to 35% less energy to deliver hot water and heating to your home, which will obviously be reflective in your annual heating bill. We work with many different boilers and systems, and can install gas or LPG boilers. Your ProLine Plumbing engineer will take the time to ensure that the system you choose is the best solution for you.

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Quality boilers and heating systems

The brands and products that we work with are all very reputable and come with great guarantees to give you peace of mind when choosing your new heating system. We also offer regular boiler services that will be discussed before we give you your quotation.

  • No hot water or heating – causes for no heat or hot water can include diaphragms and airlocks, issues with the thermostat, low water levels or failure of motorized valves.
  • Banging, whistling or gurgling noises coming from your heating system – a common cause for this is air in your system, or your boiler could be kettling due to the water pressure being too low. If you have an older system, imminent pump failure could be a cause for banging noises.
  • Dripping and leaking – your plumber will need to determine where the water is leaking or dripping from to understand the cause of this; there could be a variety of issues that cause your boiler to leak.
  • Loss of pressure – if you are losing pressure then the most common reason for this will be a water leak in your system. If this is not the issue, then it is possible that a pressure relief valve needs replacing.
  • Kettling – if you can hear a strange rumbling noise coming from your system this could be due to a lime scale build up on your boiler’s heat exchange.
  • The pilot light goes out – this could be a draught blowing the pilot light out, a deposit built up in the pilot light, or a broken thermocouple that is stopping the gas supply.
  • Problems with thermostat – you may need to buy a more efficient or newer thermostat if it is losing accuracy or turning the heating on or off at the wrong times.
  • Your radiators are not getting hot – ProLine Plumbing can chemically clean or flush your system to remove any deposits or build up in the radiators that prevent a free flow of hot water.
  • Your boiler switches itself off – this could be an issue with the thermostat, low water pressure, or a reduced water flow due to a closed valve, or the pump may not be circulating water accurately in the system.
  • Condensate pipe is frozen – ProLine Plumbing can thaw a frozen condensate pipe.

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